Supporting a Good Cause

As a realtor and businessman, I have clients who invite me out socially from time to time. Sometimes they include me in special charity events for a cause they support as a donor or board member. When you do business with someone, there is an unspoken agreement that if you earn any profit from a client, you will be willing to donate to their cause. They expect this from all the vendors they work with and you see tables of corporate people all around the room. This is a primary way that charities do fundraising. They depend on the business community. I understand and therefore do attend a variety of local events. It is a form of public relations and publicity I suppose, but I like to think that I also have a kind heart. We all need to contribute a percentage of our income to worthy causes or at least volunteer if we prefer that kind of contribution. So, I am visible at all kinds of interesting events which gets me much wanted repeat business. You support a client and they in turn will support you. You can allow part of your operating budget to charity each year.

Anything can happen at one of these charity events. You meet new people, run into old friends, win the door prize, and your wife gets to dress up and wear her favorite jewelry. Speaking of the wife, I must relate a very odd story. My wife wanted to look especially nice for a special banquet and decided to apply more makeup than usual. She even went to far as to curl her eyelashes before coating on some mascara. She looked angelic and beautiful – she had Eyelashes to Die For. Unfortunately, this was not all that happened to her eyelashes. Such delicate things! Each guest had a candle in front of them and at one point, hers was flickering which annoyed her and she tried to blow it out. The wick was low in the container and she bent over, apparently too low. One eyelash was singed right off. She was aghast. I suppose they grow back and I have heard this happen to eyebrows, too. It was not a pretty sight. She didn’t want to stay for the rest of the evening so I suggested she put on her heavy reading glasses so it would not be very noticeable. Not wanting to miss out on the festive events, she agreed. Such a good sport my wife!

The story doesn’t end badly since I treated my wife to a session at a famous salon where they could apply false eyelashes. She was thrilled to be restored to normal. She looked as good as new. I didn’t have to talk her into going to another event since she professed to me that she had learned her lesson the hard way. Any candles will remain untouched on the table. She could still dress up, apply nighttime makeup, and have a good time.