Needle in a Haystack

I am always rushing around looking at properties, hoping to get listings, and showing them to prospective buyers. The life of a realtor is exciting for sure. Some days I have been known to traipse through ten or more homes. When I have an open house, I tote flyers with me and assorted information to leave on a table for those who elect to come through. I have a great messenger bag that I found online for this material. It is a cross between a traditional backpack and a kind of casual briefcase. It has compartments like a school pack does, but they are larger and more suitable for paper so that it doesn’t get crumpled. It also has a place for my keys, cell phone, wallet, and penknife. I also carry a small flashlight if I am trying to unlock a front door in the dark at night. It is an all-purpose model that serves me well. Thus, you can imagine how chagrined I was to find that it was not in my car one morning. I must have left it at the last open house as an oversight. How could I do this? I had to gather up the leftover flyers, so what did I do with them? I suppose I packed up everything and just left the messenger bag on the table. I didn’t notice since my keys and cell phone for in my pocket.

How annoying to have to check several open house locations in one morning to retrieve the wayward bag. Since I didn’t have my list of locations handy (of course, it was in the messenger bag —what else!), I had to randomly go from place to place as I could remember. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack and it ate up considerable time. I believe I have learned my lesson. As it turns out, I found the bag at the very last house I visited. I was grateful it was still there with all contents in place. I must find a way to remember it in the future so as not to fritter away time. I missed an appointment, and while I rescheduled, it was not a good move on my part with the client. Most people value their time and do not like to make changes to their schedule. But, alas, I had no choice.

My advice is to keep your wits about you after an open house so you not only tidy up, but take your belongings home. I get so enthralled with a good turnout that my mind is elsewhere—on making the sale. I am diligent about getting prospects’ names and phone numbers, and usually their business cards. That I never forget. I try to schmooze as much as I can before potential buyers make their way home and some priorities get lost in the busy shuffle. My messenger bag has all my sales literature and personal items, so it is vital that it never again get left behind. I am sure that it won’t.