Make Sure that Fireplace is a Selling Point

There are all kinds of tricks of the real estate trade that pertain to staging a house to sell it more quickly. You first must know your target market and what styles they prefer from antiques to modern. Trends are always changing and you need to survey what is selling and what type of décor is most popular. It is important to rid a home of debris and clutter and to bring in any furnishings that are lacking so that the house looks livable and appealing. People aren’t always good at imagining themselves in a given space or how their own belongings will look. You must make it more immediately apparent. Stages costs money for the realtor, but many of them consider it a necessary tax-deductible expense. If you don’t do it, you may find your percentage of sales drops. It is a fact of life of the business and thus many staging companies abound. You can also do it yourself but it takes time and a good eye.

Putting out clean towels and dressing up the beds is part of the staging job. Making the kitchen look functional and orderly is essential as well. Don’t just stack up appliances in one corner of the countertop. Artistry is the essence of the staging business. People all like a space that is homey, so analyze what it means for you and for them. Furniture in livings rooms must allow for sufficient walking space but also create conversation groups. Put a bowl of fruit on the dining room table and a vase of flowers in the entryway. You no doubt have heard about fresh cookies in the kitchen that make the house smell divine. Empty all trash cans, wipe mirrors down, dust as needed, and vacuum visible dirt. Maintenance precedes staging and you can hire a cleaning crew. Keep drapes open in the daytime and closed at night and make sure all views are highlighted for visitors that are surveying available properties. A good view is worth a million bucks.

Last but not least, if there is a fireplace, take advantage of it. It is usually the focal point of a living or family room. Make sure there are tools at its side, a nice screen for protection, a well stocked firewood rack and perhaps something decorative on the marble or tile in front. By all means, in the winter at night you will want to turn it on and encourage buyers to enjoy its warmth and coziness. I can’t think of a better area to stage than this.

Anything you do that makes the home shine in their eyes is going to help sell the property. This means talking about the best features to prospects and how they will enhance their lifestyles. Fireplaces, new kitchen stainless appliances, a work area in the garage, and a pool are among the many things that add up to a better price for a home. The cleaner it is, the more likely a speedy sale. No one wants to buy a fixer upper these days unless they are an investor.