I Have My Work Cut out for Me

Some clients are a pain, but most are quite agreeable. You get used to working with a variety of types and you adapt in each and every case. It goes with the territory in my job. You never are surprised by any behavior although I find that most property buyers (and sellers as well) are very nice. I put myself out and I know that they appreciate the effort and they respond in kind. I don’t mind when they have special demands as this is normal for a home seeker. They have their list of requirements which helps me narrow down the field and find the right property. Otherwise, it is all a waste of time. If someone wants a family room and there isn’t one, then cross that house off your list. If they have need for a specific number of bedrooms, this condition must be met. If they want an attached garage, a pool, a covered patio, a large backyard with or without a dog run, fruit trees, and modern appliances—well then you better oblige. Being a good listener is essential for any realtor worth his or her salt. Depending upon the client’s needs, you always have your work cut out for you.

Recently I had a client who insisted on a tankless water heater after reading these reviews, and hearing frequently that newer homes have them. Sellers are reticent about buying things to make a sale, but you need to explain to them that an item like this can make or break a deal, even if they don’t value it themselves. I can see why my client wants one. They take up less space, are more energy efficient, cost-effective in terms of utility bills, and easy to repair and service. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind having one myself. The descriptions on line make them sound essential. Being up to date is a homeowner’s dream. I didn’t mind intervening between buyer and seller because I find this request to be quite reasonable. It is always going to come down to the seller making the upgrade since most homes I am showing right now don’t have them. I am going to make the maximum effort to give the client what he wants.

I never like to complain about clients because they are seeking the ideal abode. They have every right to expect compliance with their wishes. My job is to make sure this happens. Most requests are easy apart from a demand for some remodeling. You can’t expect sellers to go to that extreme. The buyer must understand what is normally expected after a home purchase. You can go over the parameters when you first meet. It is part of the agent/client protocol so to speak. I even have a printed list for clients entitled “What to Expect in Buying a New Home.”