Always Be Prepared

I could have been a Boy Scout as my personal motto is “be prepared.” And I want to add that you can’t be too prepared either. How many of us have run out of gas because we forgot to fill the tank that morning? How many of us feel like we are dying of thirst on a hot day because we forgot that extra bottle of water in our backpack? How many run low on funds when they need cash for a series of purchases and how many forget to answer important emails that may change our day? There are just so many instances of forgetfulness and lack of follow through because of inattention. The most important area of concern for me is adhering to my daily calendar. Of course, that means keeping it up to date. Then there is a whole battery of categories like birthdays and anniversaries that get forgotten. If you don’t have an assistant at your beck and call, you must depend on your own memory to keep you afloat in the midst of complexity and sometimes chaos.

Tops on my list of things to be mindful of is my trusty flashlight that I depend on when walking around unfamiliar houses at night. Very often the power has been turned off by the previous owner and who wants to walk in a strange realm in the dark. I also have a small light on my keychain that helps me open front doors that have no illumination., also because there is no power. Normally you have fixtures on either side of the door. I was so grateful I had my large tactical flashlight that I bought after reading this review – I was exploring the layout of a house new to me as a realtor. I heard scurrying sounds as I progressed from bedroom to bedroom and I thought that they came from the kitchen. I slowly and hesitatingly made my way to this core room of the house and shone the light all along the floor. Sure enough as I had expected there was a little furry critter.

I was grateful that it was not a rat, but a lowly and harmless mouse. I didn’t like the idea that there were vermin about. Clearly the house had not had exterminators present in a very long time. Now I could see there was a great need and I made a note to tell the owner that this needed his immediate attention. I continued my flashlight search in every nook and cranny so that I could add repair items to my list. I was worried about cleanliness given the presence of the mouse who was no doubt attracted by some kind of food that had been ignored and thus left behind. There is nothing worse when showing a home than to hear from the client that the place smells and seems unclean. Thanks to my flashlight, I now know the truth about this property and its lack of attention.